Estate Planning With Your Loved Ones

The holiday season is almost here, and hopefully, we’ll be seeing a lot more of our families than we did last year. If you will have the pleasure of enjoying your family’s company this Thanksgiving, between the hugs, turkey, and pumpkin pie, you should consider starting a conversation with your loved ones about estate planning.

It may seem like an odd thing to discuss during a happy occasion, but the truth is that these conversations are best had in person ... CONTINUE READING

How to Cook for Diabetics and Vegans on Turkey Day

Alongside family and football, food is often the highlight of Thanksgiving. But if you’re cooking dinner for a large group, crafting the perfect menu can be difficult. Veganism and vegetarianism are more popular than ever, and it can be frustrating finding dishes that everyone can enjoy — or even eat at all, in the case of a diabetic friend or family member. Luckily, there are plenty of options to create an amazing meal for any group of diverse diners ... CONTINUE READING

How COVID-19 Worsened America’s Opioid Crisis

Since the mid-1990s, over 500,000 deaths have been attributed to opioids. Many factors fueled the problem: corporate greed, economic recession, and changing attitudes toward pain treatments. Then came the COVID-19 pandemic, which escalated the opioid crisis to untold levels ... CONTINUE READING

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