As estate planning lawyers, we help families make plans based on their wishes and fears. Through our work at Cary Estate Planning, we offer tailored planning to allow families to have the peace of mind they need as they prepare for various situations. Another way we try to help families in our community is by giving back to local nonprofits and charities that share our passion for helping families. Below are some of the organizations that we support in and around the Cary community.

Our Community

The Will Yokabitus Scholarship

Drug addiction is a serious illness that plagues many people across our country. As estate planning lawyers, we often help families who have lost a loved one due to drug addiction, and it never gets easier. To help get students thinking about the effects drug addiction can have on themselves and others, we are offering the Will Yokabitus Scholarship, named after Attorney Paul Yokabitus’ late brother. To learn how to apply for this scholarship, visit The Will Yokabitus Scholarship page for more information.

Special Education Teacher Nomination

Our team at Cary Estate Planning takes great pride in supporting families of children with special needs. While we help families plan for the future, special needs children have current needs such as their education that special education teachers dedicate themselves to. To show our appreciation, we are holding our Special Education Teacher Nomination to recognize five teachers who have shown a dedication to their students. To learn more about this nomination and how you can nominate a deserving teacher, visit our Special Education Teacher Nomination page.

The Carying Place Labor Day Race For Home

The Carying Place is a local nonprofit that works to teach homeless individuals various life skills to help them work towards independent living while providing short-term housing and other support services as needed. Some ways they work toward this mission is by providing weekly guidance on managing personal finances, seeking permanent affordable housing, and maintaining employment. One way we’ve supported this important organization is by sponsoring The Carying Place Labor Day Race For Home, an annual race that raises money for the organization to continue doing their important work in the community.

The Arc of the Triangle

The Arc of the Triangle is the local branch of The Arc, a national nonprofit organization focused on supporting children and adults with various disabilities in achieving their goals. This includes providing help in identifying and securing jobs, serving as corporate guardians for individuals who can’t care for themselves, and offering community programs to help individuals with developmental disabilities engage with others. As an estate planning law firm that offers special needs planning, we are proud to sponsor an organization that is so important to many of our clients.