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Tax Planning Solutions for Business Owners

As a commitment to always listen to your needs and questions about other planning services that would help you, we are proud to introduce Cary Tax Planning as a new practice area. Cary Tax Planning is for business owners looking for tax reduction strategies and proactive advice.

Why Cary Tax Planning?

There is a gap in the tax preparation and planning market for business owners where consultative, more frequent advising falls short, and not much is offered beyond tax compliance (filing the return). We are able to discuss implementation, offer guidance, keep tabs and perform maintenance on the plan as needed, and assist with tax preparation.

We are elevating Cary Estate Planning to become a “one-stop shop” for clients where we can assist with all of their planning needs. With our full suite of comprehensive estate planning services and our financial planning offering via Cary Financial Planning, it makes sense to offer tax planning as well, especially given the small business and entrepreneurial climate in our area.

We’ve designed our tax planning services to address the unique needs of business owners. For them, tax season is year-round, and tax planning should be year-round, too. Our consultative approach allows us to take proactive steps to minimize liabilities and maximize resources. Cary Tax Planning will help you make informed decisions that align with your business.

Steven Lundberg

Steven Lundberg: Estate Planning Attorney and Certified Tax Coach

Leading the charge in this innovative practice area is Steven Lundberg, whom many of you already know from his dedication and expertise in estate planning. Steven joined our team in June 2021 as an Estate Planning Lawyer and made a significant impact through his understanding of estate law and his client centered approach.

Before joining us, Steven was an Attorney Advisor for the Social Security Administration. This role gave him a nuanced understanding of the government’s perspectives and an invaluable insight into tax planning. He graduated with honors from Loyola Law School, earning a master’s of law in taxation. As a certified tax coach, Steven’s approach is comprehensive, empathetic, and always in tune with clients’ needs.

Steven’s ability to translate complex tax regulations into clear, actionable strategies is the cornerstone of Cary Tax Planning. The combination of real-world experience and academic excellence makes Steven an ideal leader for Cary Tax Planning. While guiding our new foray into tax planning, he will still advise clients in estate planning, just as before.

Full-Service Approach to Your Financial Well-Being

At Cary Estate Planning, we’ve always prided ourselves on the trust and understanding we’ve built with you, our clients. This bond is the foundation upon which Cary Tax Planning has been developed.

We are here to guide, advise, and support you throughout your planning journey, whether updating your estate planning, consulting on financial planning goals, or providing tax planning services for your business. We are committed to providing informed, personalized strategies that align with your unique circumstances and needs.

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