When is a Good Time to Start Estate Planning?
Unfortunately, a sudden onset of illness or debilitating accident has the potential to cut any life short. If you pass away without a will, you may not be able to…
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What Happens if a General Guardian Changes Their Mind?
The creation of a guardianship forges strong bonds between two people. A guardian has broad powers to handle another person’s financial affairs, control their property, and even make life-altering medical…
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How Long is the Process of Writing a Will?
Writing a Will is a highly personal process. This document indicates your wishes for after your death and can help provide for your family’s future. Because of its importance, people…
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How Difficult is it to Change my Will after it is Finalized?
Creating a valid Will is an important part of effective estate planning. When a person signs a Will, it speaks to their frame of mind and intentions at that moment.…
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How Can I Avoid Probate?
Probate has a reputation as being a contentious and lengthy process. It can be an opportunity for relatives or others to contest the validity of a will or attempt to…
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