How the Medicaid Snapshot Date Is Determined in North Carolina
If your spouse requires nursing home care, it’s not only an emotionally difficult situation but also a legally complex matter. You naturally want to procure the best possible care and…
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What Is the Medicaid Look-Back Period in North Carolina?
Many people start making plans for their future healthcare needs, including the need to apply for Medicaid, long before they actually qualify. If you plan to apply for Medicaid in…
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Before You Set Up a Trust in North Carolina, You Need to Know These 3 Critical Things
In the past, the creation of a living trust was limited to individuals who had built large estates and wanted to transfer the trust funds to their children and grandchildren.…
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What Is an Estate Plan? How Does It Protect You in North Carolina?
Even though estate planning may not top your to-do list, maybe it should.  Leaving behind clear instructions on how your estate should be handled, who is the responsible party that…
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North Carolina Estate Planning Checklist
If you're like many families, there is no right time to think about estate planning. You have to spend time talking about your health, mortality, and taxes. You must focus…
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