Can An Executor Pay Bills Before Probate In North Carolina?
If you're the personal representative, or executor, of a deceased person's estate, you have several responsibilities to fulfill, including paying the person's ongoing bills. You've just lost a loved one, so…
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Do You Need Estate Planning in Your 30s?
Almost everyone has an estate... including you. An estate is a collection of personal items, such as your house, car, bank accounts, and businesses. Regardless of how your estate grows…
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What Is The Difference Between A Will And A Living Will?
After amassing a vast estate during your professional career, it is understandable to be concerned about how your financial and real property will be organized and distributed once you pass…
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Can You Remove Yourself From A Will?
Receiving an inheritance via a will from a deceased loved one is an extremely kind last action that one can take. They are thinking about how they want to leave…
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Can A Special Needs Trust Be Revocable?
It isn't unusual for a trust to be created that is designed to offset some financial concerns an individual with special needs has. The trust, which is legally referred to…
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