4 Ways to Make Sure Your Parents Don’t Go Broke in the Nursing Home (and Why It Matters)
They took care of you, now's the time to return the favor. Your parents are getting older, and ideally, you thought you'd be able to care for them in your…
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Do 401Ks and Retirement Accounts Need to Go Through Probate?
You're proud of all the money you've saved, right? You should be. No matter how much the sum is, you have the discipline to save a portion of your gross…
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How Much Does an Estate Have to Be Worth to Go to Probate?
Are you navigating the probate process in North Carolina after losing a loved one? Maybe you’re wondering what you need to do to prepare your estate, so the process goes…
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Can An Executor Pay Bills Before Probate In North Carolina?
If you're the personal representative, or executor, of a deceased person's estate, you have several responsibilities to fulfill, including paying the person's ongoing bills. You've just lost a loved one, so…
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Do You Need Estate Planning in Your 30s?
Almost everyone has an estate... including you. An estate is a collection of personal items, such as your house, car, bank accounts, and businesses. Regardless of how your estate grows…
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