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Wake Forest Estate Planning Attorney

Life in Wake Forest, NC, has been good to you. You have earned a great estate, and you probably want your family to enjoy everything you have worked so hard to provide for them when you pass away from this world.

At our Wake Forest office, a knowledgeable estate planning attorney can help you protect your assets. The law firm at Cary Estate Planning knows how important a comprehensive estate plan is for safeguarding your funds and leaving money for your family in preparation for your passing. To organize your family, set up a meeting with a Wake Forest estate planning attorney at our office if you live in Franklin, Granville, or Wake counties.

Protect Your Assets With a Wake Forest Estate Planning Attorney

The average property value in Wake Forest, North Carolina, is $314,200, according to Data USA. The homeownership rate in Wake Forest is 70.1%, which is a relatively high percentage. Given this knowledge, we advise you to know the precautions to safeguard your property and what the executor must do if an estate contains property.

At just 37 years old, on average, Wake Forest residents are incredibly youthful. Simply put, you should get in touch with one of our Wake Forest estate planning lawyers right now.

Our Estate Planning Services

Our estate planning lawyers in Wake Forest advise on various estate planning papers.

We offer the following estate planning services:

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Highly-Rated Wake Forest Estate Planning Attorney

The most beneficial decision you could make for your loved ones is to hire an estate planning lawyer as soon as possible. Cary Estate Planning is a full-service family estate planning law firm in North Carolina with an excellent grasp of the state’s estate laws. Make an appointment for your free estate planning consultation right away.

FAQ: Wake Forest Estate Planning 

How can transferring a pension lower inheritance tax? 
When you pass away, funds in your pension do not become part of your estate. Thus, inheritance tax is not owed on them. By gifting from other assets, you may minimize the amount of your estate and, therefore, the applicable tax.

What happens when I die without an estate?
A surviving spouse inherits the whole inheritance when a person passes away without leaving behind children, as per North Carolina General Statute 29-14. In contrast, if the deceased had both children and a spouse, the children would get half the inheritance, and the spouse would get the other half.

Does estate planning only relate to death?
No. In situations where you lose the ability to make your own decisions, estate planning may be helpful. Other individuals may be given the authority to make financial or medical choices on your behalf through a living trust, guardianship, or power of attorney.

Wake Forest Estate Planning Attorneys

The estate planning process can be overwhelming and often emotional. We understand this and know how important it is to take the right steps toward protecting your family’s future. We can assist you with creating the right estate planning documents for your individual situation—including health care power of attorney and living wills—and help ensure estate administration goes smoothly. Contact an experienced attorney at Cary Estate Planning today for your free consultation.