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Knightdale Estate Planning Attorney

Death doesn’t have to be a bad word here. Whether you are married, just went through a divorce, or are just starting your adult life, hiring estate planning lawyers from the Cary Estate Planning law firm to help plan your family’s future is a worthy investment. Make sure you are the one to decide the well-being of your loved ones after you die. Set up a free consultation with a Knigthdale estate planning attorney and have us review your wealth portfolio.

Knightdale, North Carolina Statistics

In 2020, the average age of Knightdale residents was 36.1. While some people would say that this age is too young to build an estate plan, we encourage people to make estate plans early. The effects of an unfortunate personal injury incident, which could affect someone of any age, could be mitigated by having good healthcare directives in place. In 2020, the average property value was $223,700. Proper and effective estate planning can ensure your family benefits from such assets.

Reasons You Need an Estate Planning Attorney in Knightdale, NC

Estate planning lawyers are your best bet to ensure that all you have worked for in life isn’t in vain. The Cary Estate Planning law firm will provide many potential documents you could include in your estate plan. A will isn’t enough! Other legal documents, such as a living will, financial power of attorney, and, where applicable, medical power of attorney, would probably need to be included in an extensive estate plan.

These estate planning documents guarantee that someone handles your assets until you can manage them yourself if you become disabled due to an accident or a serious illness. Additionally, depending on your comfort level, we will discuss end-of-life care. Without an experienced attorney, you may create these documents incorrectly, resulting in serious legal repercussions. In addition, the court will declare the documents void if they are not correctly performed. Your estate will go through probate if the court rejects your last will and testament because it does not adhere to the legal requirements established by legislation; otherwise, it will be as if you never created a will. The estate administration process is one you will need Knightdale estate planning lawyers like the ones at the Cary Estate Planning law firm to help you navigate the North Carolina court.

Our Related Practice Areas

We will likely have more options for you after establishing your assets. If you have a business or sit on the board of certain organizations, your plan may have different components. We will partner with you to create a plan that is ideal for you:

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Your Knightdale Estate Planning Lawyers

The estate planning attorneys at Cary Estate Planning law firm will make sense of your future. We adopt a thorough approach, delving deeply into your unique wants, anxieties, and planning subtleties. We also stay in contact to ensure that your plan truly works. Contact us for a free consultation today.

FAQ: Estate Planning

What are living wills?
Living wills are written documents outlining a person’s preferences for future medical care when they can no longer give informed consent.

What is a durable power of attorney?
A durable power of attorney is a kind of power of attorney that normally lasts until the principal’s death or until the instrument is revoked.

What does an estate administrator do?
An estate administrator must file the decedent’s will, submit an asset inventory, settle debts and taxes, and distribute estate assets to beneficiaries, among other duties. A person might be assisted in carrying out these obligations by an experienced estate administration attorney.