North Carolina Personal Representatives
 A Personal Representative is the general term for someone who is in charge of settling an Estate. The Personal Representative can be an Administrator, an Administrator CTA, or it could be an Executor. It’s generally somebody who is appointed by the Clerk of Court to essentially marshal the assets, pay the debts, and distribute the assets of an Estate…
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Five Legal Hurdles North Carolina Small Business Owners Will Face and How to Handle Them
Cary, NC Business Lawyer Running a business is as easy as hanging your shingle and selling your goods or services, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, many North Carolina small business owners have that mistaken belief: be a good person, do good work, and everything else will take care of itself. In today’s increasingly litigious business climate, being a proactive planner can mean…
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NC Business Purchase Due Diligence: What Are You Really Buying?
Cary, NC Business Lawyer Business purchase due diligence involves, for lack of a better phrase, “looking under the hood” of a business to determine whether or not you wish to move forward with purchasing said business. This involves inspection of company records from many different angles. What’s the Point? Due diligence is meant to protect the buyer and validate the…
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Buying a Business: Why Asset Purchases Are the Key to Success
When buying a business, whether it’s to start a new endeavor or to acquire a competitor, it’s best to start on the right foot. The structure of the purchase can end up being the difference between long-term success and a “crash and burn.” This article will discuss the difference between an Asset Purchase and a Stock Purchase when buying a…
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