What Does an Executor Do?
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What If Something Happens to My Executor?
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What Happens if My Executor Dies Before I Do?
You’ve gone through the estate planning process with an estate planning lawyer. You have a last will and testament in place, and your primary pick for an executor is the perfect person for the role. But then the unthinkable happens. Your first choice passes away (or becomes incapacitated). What not? What should you do if your executor dies? Well, that depends.…
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Probate in NC: Qualifying as Executor of the Estate
The period following the death of a loved one is already a very difficult time, but once things start to settle down there’s a lot of work left to do: the North Carolina probate process. If your loved one had a will that needs to be submitted to probate, just getting the process started can be confusing for an Executor.…
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Notice to File: What it is and What to do from here
As an Executor or Administrator of a North Carolina estate proceeding, there’s already enough information and details to stress about. But you just received a Notice to File [Inventory/Account] from the Clerk of Court and your anxiety just hit the roof. But, what is a Notice to File [Form AOC-E-501] and what do you do once you get one? Something…
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