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Spelling Out Your Medical Wishes Clearly: Living Will vs POA
Spelling Out Your Medical Wishes Clearly: Living Will vs POA When it comes to planning for potential incapacity or end-of-life healthcare decisions, two key legal documents come into play - the power of attorney and the living will. Many of our clients have questions about the difference between the two. That’s why our attorneys at Cary Estate Planning make it…
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Letters of Testamentary: What Are They and Why Do I Need Them?
Have you recently lost a loved one and found yourself responsible for their estate? You may have heard the term “letters of testamentary” thrown about in conversations with lawyers and other professionals. But what exactly are letters of testamentary, and why do you need them? When someone dies leaving behind an estate, their assets must be managed according to their…
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5 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Make a Will Without an Attorney
Have you been putting off making a will because you think it's too complicated and expensive to do it correctly? Making a will is essential for providing for your family, protecting your assets in probate court, and providing for minor children. Still, you shouldn’t create one without proper legal advice. Sadly, many people make the mistake of trying to make…
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What Is The Difference Between A Will And A Living Will?
After amassing a vast estate during your professional career, it is understandable to be concerned about how your financial and real property will be organized and distributed once you pass on. In North Carolina, you can choose to write a will or a living will. But what's the difference between the two? This article provides valuable insights into a will…
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Can You Remove Yourself From A Will?
Receiving an inheritance via a will from a deceased loved one is an extremely kind last action that one can take. They are thinking about how they want to leave things for their loved ones after they pass on. However, not everyone wants to accept their inheritance for whatever reason. If that is the situation that you find yourself in,…
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