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Estate Planning for your High School Graduate
Your child is 18, “they’re off to great places, they’re off and away!” as Dr. Seuss would say. They may be off to start college as an incoming Freshman, or starting a certificate program or going right into the work force. Maybe they’re taking a “gap year” to travel and see the world before getting serious about their future. But…
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“I’m Young and Just Got Married. What Planning Do I Need?”
Surely planning for a married couple in their 20’s and a married couple in their 60’s will require different planning considerations, right? Of course. So, what does a plan for a young married couple generally look like? Should they even worry about getting a plan in place? Of course. Here’s why: There’s No One-Size-Fits-All Estate Plan First, estate planning should…
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Millennial Affairs: 4 Ways to Plan in your 20’s
I know what you’re thinking: “Does he seriously think I should put together a full estate plan when I’m only 25 and have more debt than assets?” Well, yes, sort of. Trust plan? Probably not. But it’s never too early to get your affairs in order. Here are four ways your can plan today, as someone in their 20’s, to…
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How Parents Can Help Adult Children: Making Lifetime Gifts
With the student debt crisis and the slow growth of the economy, many young adults are relying on their parents for financial support. Any assistance given from parents to adult children will technically be considered a “gift” for tax purposes. When the US Congress increased the Estate Tax exclusion, they also unified the Estate and Gift tax exclusions into one…
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Planning your Digital Legacy
Many people sitting down to create their first Estate Plan think they’ll only be planning for their personal and real property and how it will be distributed. And that’s fine if that’s all you care about. But, what about your online presence – your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Often, when people die unexpectedly, their social media becomes a memorial page…
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