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What Should I Expect When I Hire an Elder Law Attorney?
Are you or a loved one facing financial or legal matters resulting from simply getting older? You may be in need of an attorney that specializes in this area. Elder law attorneys focus on issues and legal matters affecting seniors and their families. We can provide a wide range of services, but what should you expect when you hire one?…
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4 Ways to Make Sure Your Parents Don’t Go Broke in the Nursing Home (and Why It Matters)
They took care of you, now's the time to return the favor. Your parents are getting older, and ideally, you thought you'd be able to care for them in your own home. But unfortunately, things didn't work out that way, and now you're considering how to make the transition to long-term care as smooth as possible for everyone involved. We…
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When is a Good Time to Start Estate Planning?
Unfortunately, a sudden onset of illness or debilitating accident has the potential to cut any life short. If you pass away without a will, you may not be able to provide for your family’s future or control what happens to your businesses. Everyone can benefit from proper estate planning, regardless of their age or health condition. If nothing else, planning…
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What Happens if a General Guardian Changes Their Mind?
The creation of a guardianship forges strong bonds between two people. A guardian has broad powers to handle another person’s financial affairs, control their property, and even make life-altering medical decisions. As such, it is essential that your guardian understands your wishes and acts in your best interest. However, situations may arise where a guardian no longer wants to serve…
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How Long is the Process of Writing a Will?
Wondering about the process of creating a will? Writing a Last Will and Testament is a highly personal part of creating an estate plan. This legal document indicates your last wishes for after your death and can help protect your family’s future. Because of its importance, people often feel overwhelmed when considering the creation of their will. Many believe that…
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