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What is a Living Trust and How Does it Work?
So you’ve been hearing the terms “living trust” and “trust-based estate plan” thrown around and want to get clear on what exactly these fancy constructs entail. Great question! We know trusts can seem complex and abstract at first when you just want simple guidance on caring for your family. As your neighborhood estate planning attorneys here in Cary, allow us…
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Top 6 Benefits of Using a Trust in Estate Planning
When most people think of trusts, trust fund kids, business moguls, and wealthy families come to mind. But here's the thing – trusts aren't just for the rich. They're actually super useful for anyone with assets, no matter the size. Whether you've got a family home, investment accounts, or a business, trusts can help protect what you've worked hard for…
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The Biggest Mistake Parents Make When Setting Up a Trust Fund
As parents, securing our children’s future is an enormous responsibility. We want to set them up for success, not squander their potential through our own mistakes. So, when it comes to creating a trust fund, it’s natural to feel anxious. Trusts involve many complex decisions – appointing trustees, setting distribution rules, and planning for contingencies. It’s easy to hand over…
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How to Set Up a Trust Fund for a Child
As a parent, you naturally want to ensure your child's future well-being and success. One option many parents consider is setting up a trust fund. Trust funds can be powerful tools, but they involve some complex legal and financial considerations. In this article, our estate planning lawyers will walk through the key steps involved in setting up a trust fund…
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Can A Special Needs Trust Be Revocable?
It isn't unusual for a trust to be created that is designed to offset some financial concerns an individual with special needs has. The trust, which is legally referred to as a special needs trust, is worded in such a way that it provides the recipient with an income that does not negatively impact their ability to receive public assistance…
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