Adoption and Inheritance Rights

This article will really only pertain to dying without a will or if you choose to leave a child out of your will (disinherit them).

It’s becoming increasingly more common for people to choose to adopt children to grow their family. But, how does that impact how your estate will pass on after you’re no longer here?

The state of North Carolina is very clear on the rights of adopted children: they’re treated the same as natural children when it comes to inheritance. Whether either you or your spouse is the natural parent of the child, it does not matter. If you take the legal steps necessary to legally adopt a child (or an adult for the matter), they become your legal child for purposes of inheritance.

With that said, you should never just rely on the state’s default rules to control your estate. Whether your children will take from your estate with or without a will is not the issue – your actual intentions will not be given any consideration if you die without a will.

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