Can I Put A Car Title In A Revocable Trust?


Can I put the title of a car in a revocable trust?

The short answer is yes.

There is, of course, some nuance to that, but a trust can hold ownership or title to anything that an individual can hold.

The issue comes in the practical ramifications of trust ownership of motor vehicles. Liability created by the use of a trust owned vehicle could expose other trust assets to creditor exposure. There would also likely be the implications of working with a trustee to pay vehicle expenses, or working through the lack of education at the DMV or tax department regarding trust ownership of such an asset.

Car Insurance for a Trust Owned Vehicle?

It depends on the car insurance company and on what the rates end up looking like. Usually when you transfer a car from your own name, to the name of the trustee of your trust, the car insurance company may not allow it. You’ll have to find an insurance company that’s okay with that type of ownership. That type of ownership may also trigger a higher auto premium because they may consider it the same as a business owning the vehicle rather than an individual. So you don’t benefit from your driver’s history or your credit history like you would if it was individually owned.