Do I Need an Estate Planning Attorney?

Estate planning is extremely important, but with the advent of DIY will platforms like LegalZoom, it’s more and more common for people to ask: “Do I need an estate planning attorney?”

Answer: Yes, You Need an Estate Planning Attorney

Trust me – you don’t know what you don’t know, and that’s what is dangerous about creating a will (let alone a full estate plan) without the assistance of an estate planning attorney. The law surrounding wills and trusts in North Carolina is complex and effective planning is not a one-size-fits-all proposition.
Each estate plan should be tailored to the needs and wishes of each person or family. The best way to do that is to meet with an estate planning attorney to go over your options.

Save Money and Hassle with an Estate Planning Attorney

Many people think buying a LegalZoom will for $69 online is a great way to save money on estate planning, versus spending more for an attorney. While that seems correct at the outset, in the long-run DIY wills can cost you and your loved ones much more in legal fees for an attorney to fix what is wrong with your will, or probate a defective will.
It’s easier to meet with an experienced estate planning attorney to begin.

Contact an Estate Planning Attorney to Create Your Will or Trust

Do it right the first time – contact an experienced estate planning attorney instead of creating your own plan. You won’t regret it.