Leave a Legacy

Estate planning, unfortunately, is generally understood to mean the planned distribution of assets and the appointment of people to step into your shoes when you are incapacitated or gone from this world. Often overlooked by most estate planning attorneys is the value of legacy planning – i.e., giving your knowledge, wisdom, traditions, family history, and life lessons to you children and grandchildren.

Money comes and goes, but a legacy can span generations.

Life, both good and bad, happens everyday and tomorrow is guaranteed to no one. Use legacy-based estate planning to say what you’ve always wanted to say, or to pass on your thoughts on life.

StephensonLaw offers our clients the ability to incorporate legacy letters in their estate planning packages – tailored specifically for you.

Legacy letters allow you to leave your family with your parting words – your I love you’s or your sorries or anything in between.

They allow you to leave something behind that your family can remember you by. Everyone has heard a story of a parent or sibling dying and all their family had to remember them by was a voicemail (which could get deleted) or a Facebook profile. Legacy Letters give your family something substantial and meaningful to consult whenever they need.

If you have one hour to live, who would you write a letter to and what would you write? This is the premiss for the legacy letter. Pour your heart out, clear up the elephant in the room – whatever you need to do to be able to leave this world with no regrets.

StephensonLaw is different – let us help you Leave a Legacy.

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