Sometimes Children Die First

It’s an unfortunate fact of life – not every parent is going to be survived by all of their children. In recent weeks, Carrie Fisher passed away unexpectedly of a heart attack, leaving her mother, Debbie Reynolds, to survive her. Debbie passed away the next day. Tomorrow is guaranteed to no one and the “natural order” in life is sometimes cast aside. It’s not uncommon for unexpected accidents or illnesses to claim a child (young or old), leaving the parent(s) to settle the estate.

Planning is For Everyone, Young or Old

What is worse than a parent losing a child? A parent losing a child who had no direction on how to settle their affairs. Getting your affairs in order ahead of time allows your family to grieve properly instead of being interrupted with the administrative burdens of an unplanned estate settlement. Young or old, it doesn’t matter. Getting your estate in order is a gift to your loved ones.