Standby Guardian Planning: Protection for your Kids

Accidents happen all the time (knock on wood). Estate planning normally entails appointing guardians for your minor children in the event of your death – but, what if you’re in an accident that does not result in your death? What if you’re in a coma or some other prolonged period of incapacitation? What if your spouse is too?

Wills are only effective upon death – so, what can you do to protect your children if you are incapacitated? Standby Guardian Planning is a method of appointing temporary guardians for your children during your period of incapacity. They are legally enforceable in North Carolina and can be used by the people you appoint to take custody of your children and keep them safe in your absence. No CPS. No foster care. Just trusted family or friends caring for your children in the way you intend.

Without planning, the State will normally get involved to place your children with temporary guardians, but, the process can be lengthy, stressful, and not what you want your children to go through – especially while they’re already dealing with their parents being in an accident. No court issues. No crazy relatives stepping in thinking they know what’s best for your kids. You choose. It’s that simple.

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